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I bet we've been together for a million years

Family ties and May Madness

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The last few weeks ın Istanbul was hectıc to say the least.

I have no photos to prove ıt at the moment but trust me I wıll upload some soon.

Fırst up we had May Madness.

Jess had her Mum stay for a whıle whıch was the begınnıng. It was great to meet famıly of our flatmates. Soon after her arrıval we had vısıts from Megs Mum and Dad and a good famıly frıend of mıne Davıd from Bırmıngham. At ıts peak we had 9 people ın the flat - busy but really good fun.

A big day on the river and a fight on the bridge

Whıle they were here Lız and Bıll Barry and Davıd and Ruth and Megs and I took the Bosphoros cruıse all the way up to the Black Sea. It was great.

We also smoked Nargıle at sunset on Galata Brıdge - apart from the bloody brawl we wıtnessed there the whole perıod of May Madness was great.

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Sailing on the clear blue water

Time for a cool change on Buyuk Ada

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Forgıve us readers it has been months since our last entry... and we have travelled... a lot.

We are safe and well and as this goes live we are in our last few days in Turkey. But that is yet to come. Fırst a quick update..

Before we left İstanbul, Meaghan and I were taken to Buyuk Ada (The Big Island for the end of course picnic) by Meaghans favourıte class.

The day was great. The students had catered and looked after us both really really well.

Buyuk Ada ıs just off the coast of İstanbul and forms part of the Princes İsland group. So called because the Princes of the ruler were sent here for their own protection - also because maybe the ruler was a little worried that they were plotting something to overthrow hım...

Anyway. here are some pics...


The girls posing on Buyuk Ada


As you can guess.. we gave them the taste of the good lıfe... and Vegemite


Needless to say they preferred what they had prepared for us..


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Our Sexiest Pictures???

Photo competition time

-17 °C

We have entered the latest photo competition and need your votes.

The link below takes you to the page for voting. Our photos are:

The Boat - on Lake Baikal,

The Metro Station in Moscow, and

The Kadikoy Tram in snow

Vote here

Have a look, if you don't like ours vote for others


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Mum and Dad and Jenny...

Saw the sunset over Europe on a sunset ferry in Istanbul... Well, Jen saw it a few months ago

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One of the best things about being overseas for an extended period of time is having visitors and last month my parents came to see us in Istanbul.

While they were only here for a short time, 10 days in all, they packed every day full of walking tours of the suburbs on both the Asian and European sides of the Bosphoros.

Travelling out to pick them up Meaghan and I had the opportunity of sightseeing some of the real back waters of Istanbul, for a solid 2 and a half hour tour. It appears that the E10 Bus, traveling between Kadikoy and Sabiha Gokcen Airport, picks its path through some of the less scenic streets. We arrived just in time to see Dad getting escorted through the Immigration and Customs area looking for an ATM.

Travellers tip for Istanbul Number 1: Always arrive with 20 USD in your pocket for the payment of the tourist visa on arrival.

The return trip on the E10 was a little less scenic and a whole lot quicker.

While they were here we got the olds off to the usual tourist sights in SultanAhmet, it was really nice to be the tour guide again, we have only slightly improved our tried and tested walking tour of SultanAhmet, including the Basilica Cistern, The Covered Bazaar and a sunset cruise across to Kadikoy – well. We tried for a sunset and got absolutely drenched instead. With a few modifications and a bit more time we were able to make sure they got out along the Bosphoros Cruise as well.


A well-earned rest


Tha Kadikoy Goose


On one of our day trips over to SultanAhmet, we stumbled on a tea and nargile garden and ventured inside ofr a break from walking. We found ourselves sitting in a place that time forgot, surrounded by flying carpets and hawkers flogging their wares, we sat down next to an old bloke who eventually struck up a conversation with Dad. He kept calling Dad his older brother which was pretty cool.


Mum and Dad outside the Covered Bazaar

Mum and Dad were also lucky enough to experience on the the true spectacles of Kadikoy - a protest. In the past people have been hurt at these things so we were fortunate that it was a peace protest calling for an end to the Iraq war.


A Peaceful Protest...

We also had a few days off from work so Meaghan and I were able to go with them down to Canakkale and the Gallipoli Peninsula.

That was awesome. Turkiye celebrates the war efforts on March the 18th. A month before ANZAC Day and the date that commemorates the launch of the Naval battle that began the Allied Campaign in earnest.



Meaghan and Dad demonstrated how terribly sad the war effort must have been by throwing a pine cone across from one trench to the other a few times. The trenches were so close that the opposing forces would do the same thing with a hand grenade before the inevitable bad ending. The incredible stories of friendships forged throughout the 240 day campaign become so much more understandable when you realise just how close the opposing forces were.

After the Gallipoli Peninsula, we returned to Istanbul and Mum and Dad continued to fill their days with trips across the river to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

Having the in Istanbul was fantastic but the time went so quickly, before we knew it they were gone.

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The last days of Winter in Istanbul

snow 0 °C

I hope everyone is well and that you are all soaking up the last days of summer. We are revelling in the final days of winter in the Bul and it has decided to go out with a bang! It began snowing on Saturday morning and was still snowing three days later!


We had a great covering of snow everywhere and as Australians we were suitably excited. Everything in Istanbul ground to a halt except for taxis and a few gutsy (or crazy?) delivery drivers. We spent the better part of the morning hanging out our window laying bets on whether or not the crazy people out driving would make it all the way to the top of our street. Most cars had to make the slide of shame back to the bottom which was very amusing. Due to said weather all of our meetings and classes were cancelled so Adam and I had our first official ‘Snow Day’. And for the record, I am a convert! We started the day with a walk to take some photos and enjoy the silence which is rare in Istanbul.


Then, after breakfast we went out with our flatmates and had snowball fights, went sledding, did snow angels and made a snowman. Yep . . just like the movies. . . .it was awesome. . . we finished off with a beautiful walk home then toasted sandwiches and wine for lunch. You can drink wine any time of the day on Snow Days . . . true story.


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