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I'm in London Still . . .

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Sorry for the lack of communication on our behalf. This is all due to . . . .well . . . .stuff. Actually we are lazy, unemployed individuals - will that do??

Anyway, we are in London still and very happy to be here. It has been a lovely break from the travels for us and it is now the longest stop we have had since we left Melbourne in January. It has been lovely catching up with family and sharing the nice life that Jen and Steve have made for themselves over here. We are staying at their place in White City which is in West London and very central to everything. To be honest, we haven't done many touristy things yet but we have seen the Houses of Parliament, the Queen (honestly), Big Ben, lots of rain, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge, Crowded House, Aerosmith (more on those two later), dudes from The Bill, sunshine (once or twice when we first arrived I think!), squirrels, Home and Away, The Tube and the London Eye to name but a few!! All the very best that London has to offer don't you think?

Adam and Jen at Trafalgar Square

Adam and Jen at Jedi School (pictured may have been digitally enhanced!)

Big Ben

Big Ben. . .again

The team on the Tube

We did a bit of rollerblading in Hyde Park the first weekend we arrived. Jen and Steve are really into it and their housemate Dave is an excellent skater. It had been a long time between drinks for Adam and I but we managed to get through the weekend without hurting ourselves. I did however, put a few more holes in my jeans. The next weekend was Trooping of the Colours which is when we caught up with the Queen. It was pretty cool even for republicans such as Adam and I. Adam took a great picture of Lizzy which will be going on the blog. Ah yes, lifestyles of the rich and famous!!

Queen's Birthday Parade

Queen's Birthday Parade


Last weekend we went to a music festival called Hyde Park Calling. It was awesome - Crowded House and Peter Gabriel (very old school) headlined on the first day. Crowded House had just reformed after going their separate ways over ten years ago. It was very exciting because I am a big fan. Towards the end of their set the heavens opened and we all got completely soaked which was funny until it started to get really cold. We left at about 10pm completely freezing and exhausted but ready for another day of action. The next day was Jet (good Aussie Rockers), Chris Cornell (from Soundgarden fame) who was brilliant and then. . . .wait for it. . . .Aerosmith!!!

Crowded House (Neil Finn)

Aerosmith at Hyde Park Calling 2007

It was a pretty energetic show for such old fellas!!! Very funny, plenty of old school mullets and acid wash . . .stay tuned for the photos.

The gang (minus the team photographer)

We ran into a friend from work a few weeks ago and quite by accident. It was very strange because London is a very big city! It was nice to see a familiar face and we managed to catch up for drinks the next day.

Adam and Clinton in London

I also caught up with my friend Aidan from NZ. He is over here on exchange with the Navy and is not doing too much work bless him. The week that he was in London resulted in some very untidy nights and a budget blow out but it was great fun catching up. He may be able to join us in France after he completes the Running of the Bulls - crazy man.

Aidan at the Walkabout - Shepherd's Bush

And so, onto the van! We bought it two days ago and it is really funny. It is a Talbot Express and is quite large but will be perfect for touring around France. We leave in about a week - our plans are somewhat fluid at the moment but we are getting there! We have a map of the Tour de France route, we have a road map of Europe and we have a van. What else do you need? Anyway, we are planning to watch the first leg (which is in London) then catch the ferry to Dunkirk on the 9th to catch up with the third leg. After that it is anyone's guess.

The job hunt is going well. We have phone interviews next week for jobs in Istanbul. We also have been asked to submit applications for jobs in Prague and Poland. All good, should have that wrapped up soonish and be gainfully employed by September. Good news on the home front. . .Jon and Shivaun had their baby last week. Very exciting and lovely to hear from them - it made our day!!

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