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January 2008

A Happy New Year in Istanbul

snow 3 °C

A New Year in Istanbul

New Years Eve in Istanbul saw us in our own flat, with flatmates we chose, in a quiet part of town called Moda. Right in the thick of the coolest part of the Asian side of Istanbul. We had a party to attend down the road in Kadikoy, with some other Ex Patriot Teachers. All of a sudden the Istanbul that we had left behind a month earlier was relegated to the depths of an unsavoury memory and we were away. The new year brings a new wealth of opportunities and with it, renewed motivation to get out into this city and get to know the inhabitants. One of the oldest and most complex places on Earth, Istanbul is full of surprises and never rests for too long.


Our new apartment is only a few minutes stroll from the shore of the Marmara Sea, a walk away from downtown Kadikoy – the throbbing heart of the Asian side and a relaxing 30 min ferry ride from Sultanahmet or Taksim – Europe.


Through the huge wall to wall windows in our front room I can see snow falling, it has been doing so for about 30 hours, there is snow on the ground throughout much of the city and we are doing our best not to freeze. So too are the hundreds of birds of every type, flying about the place from balcony to balcony, I am amazed that there is so much birdlife in a city that is so polluted.

İ am also amazed at the weather. İt has snowed here a couple of times since we came back. İt is freezing cold.

The snow from our loungeroom window...

We have had a couple of visits since we moved in. We will put some pics online soon...


So life is good for the Bevans we are both working enough to save som e money and have enough time off to contemplate this amazing city.

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Happy birthday to me... happy birthday to me

Middle aged near the Middle East

rain 5 °C

Well today I think I officially cross over into the middle ages.

Meaghan has just given me the most amazing present.

Let me set the scene:

Growing up on the road in the late 70s and early 80s was pretty tough. Most of my mates were temporary and lived, like us, in caravan parks and rode secondhand BMXs. Most of us wore cords, skivvies and gym boots. Because we all wore the same uniform and all lived in the same compound (Westnova or Big 4) and all had the occasional adult supervision, we pretty much had it made out of school. It was kind of like an adventure every day. It was pretty tough though sometimes starting at new schools. I can speak with authority here because I spent a year longer than most - just researching my point. New kids, different social sets, different gangs. Kids are really mean at school, and if you didn't fit in straight away you got tough, really tough really quickly, or you just didn't fit in. That's where the gym boots come in.

Gym boots. Canvas sides, rubber soled shell toe gym boots. At the time they cost about 5 bucks and while they were absolutely perfect for the adventures in caravan parks, they were not recommended fashion wear for the schoolyard. In fact, they were referred to as "poor kids shoes". This seems like a pretty lame insult nowadays, but at the time it was pretty tough, and resulted in a few scraps. They were the kind of shoes that meant that you just weren't part of the gang if you had them on.

Looking back, the mini mates of mine that wore them included people like Muscles, Nugget and the Fridays. Kids of Outsiders, Indigenous and Hippies, they would probably still be my friends now.

Then something happened that changed the way that an entire generation of kids looked at the world. On the other side of the planet, a struggling basketball team in the USA, signed a contract for uniforms with a struggling, but cheap, sporting retailer. Converse, the manufacturer of the ubiquitous poor kids shoe - the gym boot. Although the shoes had already been popular among a few of the teams, the signing of the shoe as part of the official team uniform changed everything.

Overnight, the world changed, now the shoes, were not only cool, but had rocketed Converse to the upper echelons of sportswear fashion. The problem is though, the shoes suddenly became a whole lot more expensive, guaranteeing that me and my mates would never be able to justify the price of another pair. But for one summer, we were the shit! We were the coolest gang of run abouts in the country, our gear was already well worn when it became popular. For one summer we were the kings.

I should note here that Mum and Dad never made us want for anything, in fact they probably well prepared us for life and made us appreciate what we had, and what we didn't have. But, fashions change all too quickly as an 8 year old and sometimes, the most important thing in life is the colour of the pads on the bmx, or the style of shoes (Bata or Converse) worn to school.

Whilst we had wished for our uniform to be cool, it now was, and was out of our reach. So our shoes wore out and became ragged and we became uncool, again. They had become the type of shoes that meant that you were not part of the gang if you did not have them on - new ones at that.

For 30 years I have secretly wished for a new pair of Converse All Star Gym boots. Partly because I have regularly wheeled out my soapbox to tell the story I have just written down, I have never bought myself a pair.

Today, my beautiful wife Meaghan, gave me a new pair of my own. A red pair - because they go faster.


I know that since the revolution, a lot of people have gotten on this bandwagon, many of whom were way to young to remember the revolution, but I'll be wearing these ones with a sense of tremendous pride that
I WAS THERE. Today, a piece of me is there again.

So when you see middle aged people wearing the original and the best, take a minute to think how life changed for them, as it did for me, way back when.

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Home for a BBQ, A Wedding, A Quick Trip to Tassie, and Christmas

22 °C
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What a few weeks we have just had.

İ know we have been slack with the photos but İ promıse we will upload a heap soon.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

The flight back was uneventful except for a burning desire (satisfied) to by Megs a new laptop in Dubai. We were picked up at the airport by Annie and taken straight to The Basin, for our date with Bacon, lots of Bacon. Breakfast over, we went our separate ways for a week.

I can’t explain how strange it was to be away from Meaghan, my best mate, for a week, after having spent every day, every night for nearly a year, away from home together. I missed her before we had even left the front driveway. Whenever we are apart even for a day İ am constantly reminded why she is my best mate. İ feel like İ should be explaining some huge secret or some overwhelming sense of connection but it is actually something very plain. Her constant companionship and consideration is what İ miss when she is not around.

It was so good to be back home though, we realised that it is actually easy to be away. The novelty doesn’t really wear off, on the road you are always meeting new people, in new places with new beer. Sure we had missed home but we had also been very busy. It wasn’t until we were home, doing nothing, just hanging out at home, that we realised just how much we miss it.

First date on the social calendar was a wedding of two of our best friends, Kate and Ossie. In 50 words or less this wedding went like this: Pole dancing on the Hens, Ferry sinks on the Bucks, A lovely ceremony (Adam starred as the Usher), beautiful reception (Megs starred as MC) and kicked out of the bridal suite at 330 am by Matron of Honour. A great night was had by all.

Then we spent a really relaxing few days in Tasmania with Megs parents which was really nice. Then Christmas week at home. For me it was the first home Christmas for years and it was great.


Then, all too soon, we were on the plane back to Istanbul, and our new jobs (uncomfirmed), new apartment (unconfirmed) and new suburb (unconfirmed).

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